What is DirectDebit?

DirectDebit allows your company to automatically collect recurring payments directly from your customers’ respective accounts on a periodic basis.

To arrange for DirectDebit, a Mandate or a signed authorization form filled up by your customer granting the permission to deduct recurring payments from their accounts. However, often the customers’ signature differs between that on the form and on their banks’ record, thus causing application to be rejected.

But now your customers can grant the authorization by simply filling up an online form, known as the e-Mandate, allowing their bank accounts to be deducted for payments.

DirectDebit e-Mandate is suitable for recurring payments such as insurance, utilities and large regular payments.

And the best part?
RM190,000 worth of prizes to be won when you sign up with DirectDebit e-Mandate. Speak to your bank’s relationship manager today.

Promotion ends 31 August 2018

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